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Tree Felling

man holding the trunk

One of our bread and butter services is our tree falling. Our team has been providing tree falling services for many years. We have ample experience when it comes to working on both residential and commercial sites to provide tree falling services. Our dedication to results makes the whole process a breeze. When on your site we will work efficiently to minimally disrupt your day to day operation. We are also very dedicated to safety for our employees, the surrounding area, and other people in the area while conducting our tree falling services.

Our Results

We believe that one of the reasons we are the best tree surgeons in the Plymouth area is because we are very dedicated to providing high-quality results. All of our tree removal technicians have been practicing this trade for many decades. Therefore, they have the experience and knowledge required to ensure that the outcome of your tree removal service is exactly what you were looking for. We use top of the line tools and time tested protocols when working on your property. Our customer service department would be delighted to tell you all about how our tree falling practices ensure quality results time and time again.

Stump Removal

Often our tree falling services go hand in hand with stump removal. Stump removal services will completely remove any trace of a tree after our tree falling team has performed their service. Stump removal can be performed in a variety of ways however the most efficient manner is to grind the stumps into small wood pieces. So if you are looking for a comprehensive tree removal service, consider contacting us so that we can combine our tree falling services with our stump removal services to completely rid your property of unwanted trees today.

Commercial Tree Falling

Our team is available to provide tree falling services on commercial properties as well as residential properties. We understand that often falling trees on the commercial property comes with an additional set of challenges. Whether that be proximity to roads, parking lots, structures, or simply the number of trees that need to be removed - our team is confident that we can handle the job. We have the manpower and tools readily available to provide tree falling services for even the largest, most ingrown, commercial properties. Call our team today to learn more about your options for commercial tree falling services.

Our Dedication To Safety

When it comes to a tree falling, it goes without saying that dedication to safety is very important. Our arborists have been falling trees for many years. They have the knowledge and experience required to do so in the safest way possible. When preparing for your tree falling service we explore all potential hazards including safety hazards for our staff, the public, nearby structures, and more. We then implement our top of the line safety protocols to ensure that your tree falling project is taken care of in the safest way possible.

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