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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Steel slings cable tied around forest

In order to maintain their survival, structural integrity, and overall lifespan, as well as the homeowner's safety and property, trees can need some man-made protection. The age of a tree, its growth pattern, the weight of its roots, an infestation, or damage caused by natural climatic calamities may all cause weaknesses in its state.

As a consequence of one or more of the above conditions, trees can show certain tell-tale signs that they are in danger or are unable to support their own weight. These involve branches that are clearly bending or listing to one side, as well as branches that are cracked, missing, or sagging in the bark or at branch junctions. During high winds, there may be an unnatural/exaggerated swaying or noticeable creaking/cracking, or there may be audible creaking/cracking due to the weight of snow.

Tree Bracing and Cabling

At Tree Surgeon Plymouth, we install cables and bracing rods mounted to provide protection to your trees in the case of fragile limb systems. Cables between limbs that are properly positioned will help redistribute weight and allow the limbs or trunks to support each other. Bolting breaking limbs together with bracing rods is also a common procedure.

Tree Bracing Bracing systems are sturdy reinforcement systems to keep the limbs from moving about. Our tree surgeons will bore a hole into a tree to mount a bracing framework. To avoid any breaks or cracks from spreading, a rod is installed and bolted to the trunk. It's more invasive than cabling schemes, but it gives compromised trees the protection they need.

Tree Cabling Cabling solutions are more adaptable. They encourage a tree to travel in the wind or when there is a lot of ice or snow on the ground, but they also provide protection to trees that are in danger. Any cabling system should be mounted in the top third of a tree, in branches that are strong enough to accommodate the system. One cable is usually appropriate, but more can be used if required. Tree Surgeon Plymouth recommends Inspections of mounted cabling and bracing structures on a daily basis to ensure that the service systems are in proper working order and that their integrity is maintained. The total lifetime of a properly configured device is ten to fifteen years, during which you can consider re-installation.

A tree in need needs a friend indeed 

Rods and/or cables provide extra protection, but there is no assurance that they will not malfunction in the future. Note that any tree, regardless of height, will fail under the right conditions. Our consultant arborists have received thorough training in this field and will happily examine your trees. Contact Tree Surgeon Plymouth if you experience excessive creaking or swaying of your branches, as well as a noticeable crack or break. We will check the tree to see if it will benefit from a cabling or bracing device being installed. Extending the life of your prized trees is part of our work, and it's well worth it when the situation calls for it.

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