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Stump Grinding and Removal

old chopped wood trunk

If you have problem stumps on your property there is a good chance your best course of action is to contact professionals. Stump removal is a process that requires specific techniques and tools. Our team has the ability to efficiently and safely grind and remove problem stumps. It does not matter if you have one problem stumps or several. It also does not matter how big or small your stumps are. We will be happy to help. Our stump grinding and removal services will leave your property looking as though there was never a problem stump in place at all.

Stump Grinding

The most commonly used method for removing problem stumps is to utilize stump grinding machinery. Stump grinders are large power tools that chip away at unwanted stumps. Thus turning any problem stump into small wood chips. This process is much more efficient than digging out stumps. It is also much less invasive and damaging to the surrounding area. Our team has lots of experience operating stump grinding machinery. We’d be happy to bring our equipment to your site so that we can quickly irradiate your land of unwanted stumps.

Wood Chips Disposal

One of the biggest advantages of having your problem stumps ground up is that the by-product is very usable wood chips. If you would like us to simply dispose of the wood chips the process for doing so is very simple and easy. You do have the option of keeping the wood chips to use in other parts of your yard. Many of our clients use the wood chips for landscaping purposes after one of our stump grinding services. This is a fantastic way to reuse and recycle. This is just one of the fantastic benefits that come with stump grinding.

Stump Disposal

In certain situations, we may elect not to grind your problem stumps. This can come about in a wide variety of situations. Perhaps we are not able to get the equipment to where it needs to be. Or perhaps your stump is small enough that simply digging it out will be quicker. If we do end up removing stumps intact they will need to be properly disposed of. It does not matter how many stumps or of what size, we can remove all stumps and other debris from your property on the same day that we do the stump removal.


When performing stump grinding and removal services on your property we place a high degree of care on the safety protocols that we put in place. We want to ensure that our tree technicians are working in a safe environment. We also want to ensure that the general public, nearby structures, and other trees are also not placed in a hazardous situation. Our safety protocols are meticulous and rigorous. Our staff adheres to them each and every time that they prepare to perform services. If you’d like to learn more about the extra mile we go to work safely please don’t hesitate to call.

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