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Storm Damage Cleanup

Electric wires torn down by a tree that fell during Tropical Storm

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Storm and flood destruction can be highly expensive. Storm disruption to your home will be stressful for you and your neighbors. We'll do the cleaning so you can concentrate on taking care of yourself. You need to respond quickly, and you need a firm that has dealt with storm damage before. Tree Surgeon Plymouth has the experience and resources to tackle any size crisis and can act quickly in the event of a hurricane or flood. Rather than taking on the task of sweeping up the mess yourself, leave it to us.


Storm Cleanup: Tree Removal

You will have trained professionals cutting trees safely with our flood damage tree removal service. We also have crane-assisted tree removal to ensure that your home or company is safe and protected. Tree Surgeon Plymouth ensures that you're in the safe hands of our licensed arborists.

We will also decide if you have any other trees that may pose a danger to your home or company in the event of a hurricane. Our arborists may either remove the tree or do corrective tree trimming on it. This will ensure that your property has solid, stable, and attractive plants that will not pose a threat to your house.


Unprofessional Clean-up Concerns

The following are some of the most important clean-up hazards which can be easily avoided if you contact our professional tree removal, storm damage services:

  1. Electrical wires over or nearby create potential hazards, limiting tree-cutting choices. Operating along power lines is never a safe option for homeowners.
  2. Cutting a falling tree's trunk from an uprooted plate relieves the weight that is keeping the root plate in place. The roots are already anchored and will be able to drag the stump and root ball back into the hole with enough strain. It could return to the root hole at any moment, crushing something nearby under it.
  3. When using a chain saw, be aware of slopes and rough footing conditions.
  4. Cutting branches on the field will bury the saw bar in the dirt and trigger chain saw kickback if you touch secret obstacles.
  5. Many homeowners who were injured while doing their own tree work were working alone at the time, which led to emergency response times and long hospital stays. If you plan on washing up after a storm on your own, make sure you have at least one other person with you to call for help if you get injured.

Why call Tree Plymouth Surgeon?

Even if you do everything practicable to brace the trees for a hurricane, you will still need to clean up debris afterward. You can be tempted to do the clean-up job yourself, but this may be a risky endeavor. To avoid accidents, most chains saw work on big branches or trees necessitates the expertise of a professional operator. Wood that is pinned under other trees or debris (one or both ends of a fallen tree or branch) will respond in unpredictable ways. Releasing that tree with a chain saw cut is particularly risky and can result in severe injury or death to the chain saw user. 

In certain situations, homeowners should obtain professional assistance, especially if the cleanup job necessitates the use of a chainsaw or other potentially hazardous equipment. 

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