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Pollarding is a method of tree pruning that involves removing predominantly the upper portions of a tree. This service can be beneficial in many circumstances. The most common reason in which we provide our pollarding services is for general shaping of your trees. This service will prevent trees from growing too large or from growing unexpectedly. Our professional pollarding team has the knowledge and experience required to ensure that after one of our services your tree is left healthy and ready to grow back even stronger. Call our team today to learn more about how we do it.

Advantages of Pollarding

The main advantage of pollarding trees on your property is to drastically decrease the size of the top of your trees. This can be useful in situations where you do not want your tree to grow too big. This is the most effective method of removing large portions of any given tree to ensure that you will experience problem-free enjoyment for the maximum amount of time possible. Pollarding will also encourage healthy and symmetrical regrowth when performed by qualified professionals such as us.

Preventing Obstruction

One of the most common circumstances in which we need to pollard a tree is in situations where your tree may grow to a size that obstructs nearby infrastructure. Many types of trees will inevitably outgrow their allotted space over time. Pollarding is the most effective way to ensure that this does not happen for a very long time. We often see clients with trees that are near to roads who need pollarding services performed before their trees begin to obstruct power lines or street lights. If your tree is in danger of creating an obstruction, call our team today to learn more about pollarding.


A common misconception about pollarding is that it does not properly promote tree regrowth. When the service is performed by qualified professionals such as our team, nothing is further from the truth. Our dedicated arborists have been performing pollarding services throughout their whole career. We have the knowledge and experience required to make perfect cuts to ensure longevity and health for your trees. Left to an untrained person, pollarding could have the possibility to damage a tree or otherwise compromise its longevity. For this reason, you should always be leaving pollarding up to the experts.

Regular Maintenance

After our pollarding service has been performed you will want to perform regular maintenance by way of pruning. This will ensure that your tree does not become overgrown or create any obstructions again in the near future. Our team will be happy to make recommendations on how you can best prune your trees after our pollarding service. If you would like to have your trees pruned for you, that’s great! Our professional tree maintenance team would be happy to set up a pruning service call that works perfectly with your schedule. It all starts with a call to our customer service department.

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