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Insect and Disease Control

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When it comes to tree maintenance Plymouth Tree Surgeons does it all. This includes insect and disease control. The practices we implement to prevent insect invasion and disease contractions are safe and effective. Our goal is quality results that last a very long time. We want to see your trees thrive and a big part of this is making sure that they are healthy. To be healthy your trees must be free from these types of foreign invaders. If you would like to learn more about how we do it simply give our team a call today.

Insect Control and Prevention

There are many signs to watch out for when it comes to insects and trees. Discoloured leaves, underdeveloped leaves, small holes in the bark, and much more can all be tell-tale signs that your tree has been invaded by insects. If this happens, not all is lost. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge required to rid your tree of these foreign invaders very quickly. The protocols and practices that we use to take care of insects are very safe and will guarantee longevity for your tree.

Shrubs and Insects

Many people are not aware of the fact that insects frequently target shrubs and bushes in addition to your properties trees. Unfortunately detecting insect issues on shrubs and bushes can be more difficult than large trees. This is due to the fact that it is more difficult to inspect specific parts of bushes and the bark. Our team has the experience required to accurately diagnose your bushes and shrub's issues. By doing so we can make proactive recommendations to ensure that they are rid of insects for many years to come. If you have bushes and shrubs on your property having our team inspect them once in a while is a very proactive and worthwhile process.

Tree Diseases

Trees in some circumstances can be prone to disease infection. Common diseases include pine needle rust, tar spots, leaf rust, and much more. Different steps need to be taken when dealing with each unique type of disease. For this reason, if you believe that your tree may be subject to disease your best bet will be to have professionals such as our team diagnose any disease issues. By allowing us to diagnose you can ensure that you are getting the best advice and by allowing us to remedy the issues you can ensure tree longevity.

Our Process

Many steps need to be taken to rid your infected tree of diseases and insects. It starts with the removal of portions of the tree that are too infected to save. This effectively cuts off the healthy portions of your tree from the ones that have not been so lucky. It is then important to use chemicals on the tree to prevent these issues from coming back. The chemicals our team use are safe and relatively non-invasive. Call our team today to learn more about your options when it comes to disease and insect control.

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