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Crown Reduction and Shaping

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Our professional tree maintenance team has the ability to provide high-quality crown reduction and shaping services that will completely transform the look of the trees on your property. We work with our clients to determine the desired outcome and then our crown shaping technicians get to work. Our services are also available for crown raising and crown thinning. The next time you require professional tree and crown shaping, cutting, or pruning, make your first call to Plymouth Tree Surgeons. Our team has performed these services thousands of times. We look forward to adding you to the list of happy clients.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a method of pruning that provides many benefits for your trees. The main objective when performing a crown reduction service is to remove overgrown and heavy branches, therefore, removing unnecessary weight from the limbs of your tree. This allows the tree to continue growing upwards without being interrupted by weight. This process will also remove dead or defective branches to ensure that your tree is healthy as a whole. If you would like to learn about whether or not this the best pruning service for your needs simply call our customer service department today.

Crown Shaping

Often our clients will have tree crowns that need to be shaped to ensure tree health but to also ensure that the crown is not growing where it was not intended to. Shaping the crown of your tree is one of the most effective ways to drastically improve the appearance. Our professional shaping team will ensure that your tree looks symmetrical and healthy. They will remove all dead branches and all branches that look out of place. If you would like to see examples of trees where we have had the chance to provide shaping services in the past simply contact our customer service department.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is used to remove unwanted branches from the underside of the crown of a tree. Clients may desire this service for many reasons. One of the most common reasons for this service is when you are wanting smaller bushes or shrubs to grow under the tree. You will need to make room for this to happen. Another common reason for this service is to make it easy to walk under your trees. Plymouth Tree Surgeons have the experience required to professionally perform a crown lifting service that will look amazing and allow you to accomplish your goals.


One of the biggest benefits of crown reduction and shaping services is that it will allow for you to not have to prune your tree as frequently. By reducing and reshaping the areas that are likely to require the most pruning we can drastically reduce the frequency and amount of pruning that needs to be performed. After crown reduction and shaping some regular pruning will still be necessary. Our team would be happy to make suggestions or better yet, provide a regular maintenance service for you.

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